Quality, safety and environment


Our participation in a highly competitive market, the search for new services and new production lines, the demands of our customers to improve the quality of products and services; Respect for the environment around us; And ensuring our employees’ safety and health; Leads us to the commitment to implement an Integrated System that coordinates Quality Management, Environment and the Prevention of Labor Risks with the objective that these factors are an added value to the good operation of TMS.

This system must be implemented with the utmost rigor and reach all levels of our organization, evolving towards continuous improvement. The responsibility for implementing and complying with the Integrated System rests with all the personnel of the organization, and the Management Committee is in charge of monitoring compliance, since it has the necessary authority delegated directly by the management of the company.

The TMS Quality, Environment and Prevention Policy, through the guidelines and methods defined in its Integrated Management System, is based on:

  • Establish an Integrated Management System that ensures continuous improvement in all processes and at all levels of the organization.
  • To create a positive environmental and preventive culture, in order to avoid the risks in terms of safety and health and the possible environmental impacts.
  • Meet the requirements of our customers, based on a joint cooperation to achieve the best results in Quality, Safety and Environment.
  • Ensure the training, participation and consultation of workers in matters of Quality, Environment and Prevention of Occupational Hazards in the activities developed in TMS.
  • Ensure exhaustive compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations, and other requirements that TMS subscribes to.
  • Promote methods or means to prevent, or at least minimize, risks, incidents and accidents at work and environmental aspects.
  • Communicate maintain and disseminate the policy throughout the organization and be available to interested parties.