Corporate social responsibility


We want Talleres Mecánicos del Sur S.A. (TMS) is a leading company in the sector, with the mission of providing the best service to its customers always looking for continuous improvement, respecting the standards that apply to us and having as values ​​honesty, respect, dignity, Transparency, effectiveness, loyalty and other values ​​of human behavior that serve to improve and achieve our goals.

Our performance, always within the Law, with honesty and integrity, in all our business activities, will never be sacrificed for more benefits or advantages against third parties.

TMS will never approve any actions that alter the fundamental values ​​and principles of which it has been showing.

Corporate social responsibility obliges us to assume all these commitments, good ethical conduct and we expect that all our employees, whatever the position or function that occupy in the Company, fulfill, with the best will and arrive individually, to Be involved and make their own, each and every one of the rules that make up this Code.

Oscar Exojo Asensio
Managing director